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They would be made of a brown board. Dense and about .3mm to .5mm. Provided that's in big enough sheet. That will be good. However don't deny your kids of a good time. 

The board that I'll be bringing in will all be recycled. Bad printed stock and about the same weight and thickness. I can bring a car full no problems. The sheet are all between 650x910mm and 760x1020mm. 

Thanks for the offer. 

Matt (feeling less official)

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matheist76 at westnet.com.au wrote:
                 as you all know this years AGM will be held on the 5th of
> September. Crazy me has been dreaming of Cardboard airplanes  as this 

> I can supply the cardboard. 1 or possibly 2  professional glue guns 

What sort of cardboard is best? I have a stack of empty coke can packs 
that I haven't yet put in the recycling (I've been trying ot think of a 
good use for the cardboard and was thinking of drawing my kids a huge 
road and rail system to play with). If they'd be acceptable then I'm 
happy to try and rememebr to cart some along.

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