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Hi Guys, 
as you all know this years AGM will be held on the 5th of September. Crazy me has been dreaming of Cardboard airplanes as this year's "Pre AGM" fun. Kinda of a replacement to the bridge builing excerise that Clinton had us do last year. Which was awsome. 

I can supply the cardboard. 1 or possibly 2 professional glue guns (depending if I can get my boss to agree) and a few sissors. 

For any questions or idea's about this just post to the general list. For anything more official like nominations, agenda items etc please send to the exec at humbug.org.au list. We will post them up on the new AGM section of the HUMBUG website http://www.humbug.org.au/AGM where for those who like looking at the past AGMs you can also see a few of the older minutes. 

Matthew Franklin (Librarian cap this time) Yep still feeling official. 
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