[H-GEN] pulseaudio + pygame

Brendon Higgins blhiggins at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 00:55:00 EDT 2009

Hi Peter,

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> I am running Ubuntu Jaunty with pulseaudio. I found that pulseaudio
> interacts badly with sound in pygame.
> Alsa+esound had no such problem. Any thoughts about how to rectify the
> problem (apart from removing pulseaudio)?

I'm afraid I know very little about PulseAudio, although I know something 
about PyGame. The only suggestion I have is that, seeing as PyGame is a 
wrapper for LibSDL, it might be useful to check if any SDL-based program 
exhibits the same behaviour. Chances are that it will, but if not, that may 
narrow your target.


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