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Hi Guys, 
just a reminder. The Dennis Gilmore Humbug is available. Yep I finally got the time to setup a torrent ;-) It's available through http://www.mininova.org/tor/2781941 and I'll be leaving my machine on for today so that a complete version is available. 
If however you make it to HUMBUG I'll have the video there ready to share. Save you downloading it. 

The video itself is okay but we are hoping that the next video's will turn out a lot better. The buzzing sound in from the tape I have an external mic (Not a perfect setup but it works) so the next video won't have that noise on it. 

That vid will be Russell's talk tonight my hope is that I'll post the torrent by Monday possibly Tuesday. There is a lot of work editing and I have a busy day Sunday. 

Matthew Franklin (Talk maintain, thorn in HUMBUG's side) 

PS. I have some weird sounds in the background for the intro and the end. They are 1. A bender (Bends cardoard), 2. A Heidelberg printing press (lovely machine and for you machinist out there yes it's had a hard life) 3. My own ITOH Guillotine cutting 500um cardboard 150mm of it. Last I don't care what anyone reckons the user interface on that thing is simply the best. 

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Hi guys. 
I now have the Dennis video setup as a bittorrent. You can download the torrent file though http://www.mininova.org/tor/2781941. I'll be shutting down the server at 9pm tonight (The machine's in my bedroom I hit the sack then). Enjoy. 

Matthew Franklin 
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