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That would mean having to ask Jared Ring to contact his students and inform them that email that I persuaded him to send is now incorrect and there has been a change. Since that isn't the only change that would need to happen it's best if Russell does his talk. 

All I have asked Clinton to do is to give the talk either before Russell or after dinner. The talk will be video taped as Clinton has requested so I see no real issue. Those that want to see it but can't make it will be still able to view the video. 

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2009/7/22 Greg Black <gjb at yaxom.com>:
> Speaking only for myself, I'd have thought one talk per meeting
> would probably be enough.  But if we need to have more than one,
> I'd think they would be best separated a bit.  And, of course,
> it's important to try to fit in with the needs/desires of the
> presenters if we are to encourage people to give talks.

Me too!

I would suggest postponing Russell's talk as that will mean Clinton, et al,
are still fresh from the conferences.


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