[H-GEN] Clinton's talk times.

matheist76 at westnet.com.au matheist76 at westnet.com.au
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Clinton has informed me that he want to do the talk this weekend (that his preference). He has also informed me that he wants to start it between the times of 7:30pm till 8pm. This was after I asked him to chose between a 5pm start and a 9pm start. 

My issue is that we normally have people going out to dinner during those times. He remains insistent that he starts the talk between the 7:30pm till 8pm. Since my issue is with the conflict between what has been the normal dinner times for HUMBUG. 

The question therefore that I ask is what does the HUMBUG members have a problem with the 7:30 to 8pm start. If they do then I'll remain insistent about the talk times I have offered. Note I have also said that if he wants to do the talk next HUMBUG meeting that would be good also. If however as a group most HUMBUG members are okay with him having the talk at his prefered times I'll back down and support him.


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On 2009-07-22, matheist76 at westnet.com.au wrote:

> Clinton wants to start his talk between the times 7:30pm and
> 8pm. He is most insistent with these start times. My own
> thoughts are that this is when most people go out to dinner
> and have their meals. I have suggested that he start his talk
> at 5pm or after dinner. However I'm okay with this provided
> the people that would be interested in hearing Clinton talk
> are okay with it.

Matt, are you asking what people think?  Are you telling us
what's going to happen?  Are you hoping that it will magically
solve itself?  I'm sorry, but I really don't understand what the
plan is for the talk(s) at this next meeting.  It seems to me
that it would be good to sort that out fairly soon, given the
proximity of the event.

Speaking only for myself, I'd have thought one talk per meeting
would probably be enough.  But if we need to have more than one,
I'd think they would be best separated a bit.  And, of course,
it's important to try to fit in with the needs/desires of the
presenters if we are to encourage people to give talks.

Cheers, Greg

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