[H-GEN] kernel conf au, barcamp debrief

Clinton Roy clinton.roy at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 22:19:00 EDT 2009

Howdy folks (particularly the talks liaison),

this past week I went to (and helped organise) kernel conf au, an open
kernel conference covering solaris, linux and the bsd's. I also
attended barcamp. I'm going to be giving a small presentation at work
this week on the conference, and I thought I may as well give it at
humbug as well, while it's still fresh in my mind. It'll be in the
style of the lca debrief, with me leading, and anyone with better
insights able to jump in at any time.

I'll leave it up to the talks maintainer to organise the time, but I
would suggest after dinner. Please get back to me, so I can
twitter/facebook/blog/gcal/web it.


ps. It would also be really, really, really useful to record this (and
Russell's) talk in order to provide some evidence that a certain
seeked reimbursement is worthwhile.

Clinton Roy
CSIRO - Robotics Platform Engineer
Autonomous Systems Lab

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