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Russell Stuart russell-humbug at stuart.id.au
Tue Jul 7 01:51:26 EDT 2009

As you may recall, Humbug was contacted by ITEE in the hopes we could
provide some schwag for Robocup - our CD's in particular.  Getting the
CD's to them is in hand, however ...

I also said we might be able to provide some willing helpers on the day,
meaning some members of Humbug might like to turn up and help.  It turns
out that won't include me, as I will be at a conference that weekend.

A brief Q&A:

A: http://www.robocupqld.net.au/index.php?action=view&view=656

Q: What is the name event?
A: Robocup Junior.

Q: What is Robocup?  
A: In Robocup people submit robots that can compete in up to 
   three events: soccer, rescue and dance.

Q: So is Robocup Junior different to Robocup?
A: Where as in the real Robocup Uni students get to have the fun, 
   in Robocup Junior it is high school students.  Within Robocup 
   Junior there are two age groups corresponding roughly to 
   primary and high school.

Q: Who is organising this Robocup Junior competition?
A: ITEE at UQ.

Q: Who participates in this event?
A: I gather most of the teams represent high schools.

Q: What sort of equipment will be used.
A: I didn't see any restriction, although I suspect a 20 ton
   truck carrying molten Aluminium would be disqualified for
   OH&S reasons.  UQ gives instructions on how to build a Lego 
   robot, so I suspect these will be common.


Q: Is there media coverage?
A: Last year ABC and Channel 9 covered it.  See:


Q: What can I do as a Humbug member?
A: I said Humbug might be able to provide helpful bodies - see
   below.  There is no plan beyond that.

Q: When & Where?
A: UQ, August 29 & 30.

I will post more information as it comes to hand.

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Russell, that's great!  I'm in the ITEE School Office (Room 217, Level 2
GP South Building 78 St Lucia campus) from Monday-Friday 8:30am -
4:30pm.  There's no rush for the disks but if you wanted to drop them
off this week or next sometime that would be great.

We will definitely be able to use bodies during the competition so when
I get a clearer idea of who we need and when and doing what I'll let you

Many thanks


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On Tue, 2009-07-07 at 09:20 +1000, Gabrielle Burke wrote:
> This would be great and very much appreciated.  If you get a chance
> would you be so kind as to email me or call me at the office so we can
> discuss this further?


All I need is a date and place to drop them off at.  Preferably with a
weeks warning.  They will be in single plastic selves.

By way of introduction, Humbug is a computer club that meets at UQ every
fortnight.  Our web site is http://www.humbug.org.au.  Roughly 1/2 of
its members just casual people who are interested in computers.  The
other 1/2 are computer professionals, usually with tertiary education
from UQ.  There is a fair chance some will be keen to help out if you
can use the bodies.

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