[H-GEN] My Book World Edition - help on setting it up

Troy Piggins troy at piggo.com
Mon Nov 17 17:05:02 EST 2008

Bought a My Book World Edition 1TB external hard drive on the
weekend. The documentation that comes with it is a little scant.
Basically they say you plug it in to your network and assume you
can immediately see it on the network. Did that but can't see it.
I'm not sure if it needs a DHCP server for an IP address, or if
it's default IP is a static one like some routers. Seems to have
a web interface where you point your browser (from a computer on
the same network) to http://mybook or something like that. Did
that but didn't resolve the name. I'd normally use the IP
address, but don't know what it is.

I've been doing some searches, and it seems it has a small
embedded linux OS on it, and there are a few sites for hacks to
customise it. But I can't find anywhere how to get it's IP.

I did a scan of my network's IP addresses from to and it didn't show up there anywhere. I don't know
if it is supposed to have a SAMBA share, and if so if the
workgroup is "workgroup", "mshome" or what. My network's
workgroup name is something else.

Any pointers in the right direction?  I'm sure there's something
simple I'm missing, but can't see it for the life of me.

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