[H-GEN] Re: Anti-unix changes in Suncorp-Metway's updated banking TOS [a resolution]

Christopher Biggs listjunkie at pobox.com
Wed Jan 26 22:46:32 EST 2005

Suncorp appear to have backflipped -- or maybe it was all just a SNAFU.

On monday 24th I was told over the phone that Windows + MS-IE or
Netscape Navigator was the only suitable platform.     The operator to
whom I spoke even placed me on hold to consult a superior.

Late Tuesday another Suncorp customer posted to news:aus.computers.mac
an excerpt from an e-mail received from Suncorp, which stated that
MS-windows+MSIE was only the "short list of the most common types of
software" and that the full list of approved software "is quite long
and it changes frequently" and that MacOs, Mozilla and Linux were all
"suitable" per their terms of service.

(Hmmn, this appears to give Suncorp the ability to disclaim liability
for fraud at whim by changing the unpublished list of 'suitable
software' when an exploit is found, or am I paranoid?).

I've just spoken to Suncorp again (having as yet recevied no response
to my inquiry submitted Monday via their WWW inquiry form), and this
time they confirmed that MacOs, /is/ on their "other software approved
by us" list.  They could offer no explanation as to why I was told the
complete opposite earlier in the week.

When I suggested that their terms were confusing, likely to put off
non-Microsoft customers, and that they ought to explicitly mention
that a much larger collection of os/browser combinations were deemed
"suitable", the person I spoke to at Suncorp seemed not to see any
need to clarify the terms of service document (which you must
click-through in order to log on).


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