[H-GEN] Enhancement requirement

Kelvin Heng kelvinheng at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 24 19:26:24 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there is anyone using Rsync and requires the module for 
it to be managed via web. The managed module would be nice if it includes 
these features:
1. Folder/File view - a simple check box to indicate Rsync enabled for that 
particular folder/file
2. Add cron - to schedule Rysnc based on folder/file according to their 
3. User right - Login name & password authentication and Access Control to 
whichever folder/file they owned
4. Configuration management - able to configure the Rsync job to perform 
Rsync with the assigned servers.

By the way, I went to sourceforge.net and found syncmin project but sad to 
say it is not working like what it meant to. Maybe someone with good 
programming knowlegde could download the source and help to upgrade it to 
make it work.

Thanks in advance for those who can help. :p

Kelvin Heng
Have A Nice Day!

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