[H-GEN] Anti-unix changes in Suncorp-Metway's updated banking TOS

Bruce Campbell bc at humbug.org.au
Mon Jan 24 06:38:52 EST 2005

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Christian Bullow wrote:

> | Has anyone considered contacting the banking Ombudsman?  I've had
> | dealings with them a few times and found them to be very helpful.
> | I've also found the banks get a bit scared when you mention them.
> Suncorp will probably say internet banking is a service which they
> don't really need to offer, they choose to offer it for their
> customers. Its not like they're withholding all banking if you use
> anything other then MS, you will just have to go into a branch is all.

You might want to puruse the last 5 years of Suncorp-Metway annual
reports, and compare the number of branches vs their market share vs their
geographical spread.  One might be forgiven for thinking that the density
of their branches has gone down over time.

Closer to my physical location, and very likely to become Australia's
future, the Dutch banks have recently completed a several year closure of
many banking branches.  The rationale given for these closures is always
the same; Internet Banking lets them serve more customers with fewer staff
required.  Ergo, the branches don't need to be kept open; the Internet
saves the bottom line once again.

For me, if my Internet Banking is not providing a viable solution, I can
walk into the nearby bank branch, and have a cup of tea whilst waiting for
my personal bank assistant to resolve the issue.  However, I live in one
of the traditional centres of dutch banking, Amsterdam.

Outside this tourist-infested rathole of a city, the density of bank
branches goes way down, such that a large number of people have to travel
30km or more to reach the remaining branches.  In this densely populated
country, that is a long way, the physicological equivilant of travelling
from Ipswich to the Brisbane CBD, just to visit a bank branch.

In their favour is the Internet being everywhere.  If you don't have it,
you probably don't need banking services anyway.

So, rather than assuming that your nearby convienent human venting option
will always remain available, you might wish to ask your institution to
spend some of their Internet-gained savings on extending their Internet
offerings, before your nearby branch is closed as a cost-savings measure.


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