[H-GEN] I have a bad Postfix setup (appently)

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> On Mon, Jan 24, 2005 at 07:02:03PM +1000, Harry Phillips wrote:
> > Is it just me or could our time be better spent than on an issue of
> > "ridiculous" Message-id's that most mail readers hide anyway? Even if
> > the mail reader didn't hide the header stuff I could imagine most 
> > using them would not take much notice of it anyway and get to the 
> > of the message as a habit.
> Message-ids etal aren't for humans to read directly.
> They're there to assist identifying messages and threading,
> and are supposed to uniquely identify a message.  Having
> localhost.localdomain rather than the hostname can cause
> message-id clashes, and also make it difficult to track back
> where messages come from.  I've often had to use a message id
> to track a message across multiple systems.

Here's a quick link for the curious:

And a quick quote for the lazy:
   The "Message-ID:" field provides a unique message identifier that
   refers to a particular version of a particular message.  The
   uniqueness of the message identifier is guaranteed by the host that
   generates it (see below).  This message identifier is intended to be
   machine readable and not necessarily meaningful to humans.  A message
   identifier pertains to exactly one instantiation of a particular
   message; subsequent revisions to the message each receive new message


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