[H-GEN] Anti-unix changes in Suncorp-Metway's updated banking TOS

Robert Brockway rbrockway at opentrend.net
Sun Jan 23 23:52:15 EST 2005

On Sun, 23 Jan 2005, Gary Curtis wrote:

> The next question is do they keep any record of which browser I use? If

The browser transmits information on itself and the OS as part of the 
transaction.  Firefox has a module which allows you to tell it to announce 
itself as something else (you can even do it without the module IIRC but I 

As a rule I recommend against configuring Firefox (or Opera, which also 
has this capability) to announce incorrect browser/OS information as it 
causes companies to see less non-IE/non-MS systems than really exist.  If 
we all fake our browser identity to get around screwed up sites companies 
will go on thinking everyone uses IE and MS.

Having said this, there does seem to be an advantage to faking it if 
companies want to dictate to their users what software they can use.

> so and as the record pertains to me, am I able to see a copy of that 
> record? Open up all sorts of privacy question, does it not?

Has anyone considered contacting the banking Ombudsman?  I've had dealings 
with them a few times and found them to be very helpful.  I've also found 
the banks get a bit scared when you mention them.


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