[H-GEN] Anti-unix changes in Suncorp-Metway's updated banking TOS

David Duffy david at audiovisualdevices.com.au
Sat Jan 22 21:04:22 EST 2005

On Sun, Jan 23, 2005 at 01:16:04AM +1000, Harry Phillips wrote:

>>Hmmm.... I think if that was true it would be illegal. If you mean that
>>you get a better deal then say so. "I get a great staff discount" is
>>quite different to "I am forced to or I get the sack/disciplined/other
>>bad thing".

barry day wrote:

>Most people use the bank their employer uses because of the disadvantages of 
>using a different one. They stopped giving out pays in little envelopes many 
>years ago Harry.

Really? None of the guys I employ bank with my bank. (BOQ)
We transfer the funds to their choice of bank. It makes absolutely
no difference to me where we send the money. I think the larger
employers may try to do this but I'm not sure how you'd go with
fighting it. Most people don't like to rock the boat but what are
the "disadvantages" of using a different bank Barry?

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