[H-GEN] Debian proxy for Unreal Tournament game

Byron Ellacott bje at apnic.net
Sun Jan 16 23:53:18 EST 2005

Sandra Mansell wrote:
> I think our main problem is that we had such trouble locating *all* the
> ports that needed to be forwarded. Microsoft puts out KB articles for
> games like AoE, but even following their directions on which ports to
> forward TCP and UDP it still never worked as it should.

I can't say I ever tried AoE.

> I'm not all that good with tools to work out which ports a game is
> *actually* using so I usually just gave up if I couldn't get the thing
> running following the instructions.

The only tool I ever used for this was Google. :)

> redir eh? That's not a tool I've ever heard of, but thanks for the tip.
> Might try it out sometime and see if it's easier than making 5 iptables
> rules for just one game.

Unlikely.  Redir simply does what its name suggests, and redirects 
traffic from its listen port to its assigned target host/port. You'll 
still need to know port numbers and such.


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