[H-GEN] Re: meeting today - Saturday Jan 15

Tony Bilbrough mtbilbro at bigpond.net.au
Fri Jan 14 16:42:07 EST 2005

G'day All,
will Humbug go ahead today, as a meet at UQ?

I am wondering if there is any point in bringing the cartons of  Humbug 
Equipment, given
1 - 40 kg of equipment needs to be  lugged up/down a stairwell, if the 
sliding door trick fails or is abused.
2 - that  room 343 in GPS is a rather unhelpful address. To the unloved 
and unwashed at least
3 - that some will have opted for the fish n chip eat out. Most?
4 - that Internet connectivity is an Unknown Factor

So let me ask you all this

Apart from Goldilocks, who else will be at  room 343 in GPS at 3 pm, if 
they can find it?

Could you reply to me off list, by noon, please.

After that you may come around here and pick up the gear,
provided you are accompanied by a current fully paid up Committee Man

No replies [apart from Goldilocks] no Gear
Happy New Year
Tony Bilbrough
Committee Man, and keeper of 'the stuff'

Clinton Roy wrote:

>>If a room booking does come through, I suggest a big talk session.
>>Just to be clear, don't bring along your big heavy computers tomorrow.
>And UQ have come through with a room :) It's room 343 in GPS. We've
>got no idea of network availability just yet. If you haven't got much
>stuff to get to the room, the easiest way is to use the stairwell at
>the GPS side of the pedestrian crossing. If you need a lift, get
>someone to go up the stairs, through the door into the building, down
>the elevator and open the sliding doors from the inside. Please don't
>abuse this access point.
>As for the dinner, please get your rsvp's in!

Hydroponics - 4 square metres
................its a Small Holding


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