[H-GEN] meeting tomorrow

Clinton Roy clinton.roy at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 18:36:58 EST 2005

Hello folks,

As many of you are aware, our normal room is currently undergoing
refurbishment, and our normal backup room is being prepared to create
ID cards for the influx of new students, so our room bookings are up
in the air.

We're still attempting to organise something with room bookings for
tomorrow, but in all likely hood nothing will be finalised. So, to
kick off the new year we're holding a humbug dinner.

We've got quite a few options for food, but I've chosen A Salt and
Battery fish shop, they serve a wide range of seafood and salads and
I've always been impressed. So that I have numbers for a booking
please send me a mail, *directly*. I'll make the booking for six

We'll be collecting gold coin donations for the tsunami appeal on the
night, money destined for the Australian Red Cross. Many of us have
already given quite generously, so donations are completely optional.
Aid donations are not a macho competition.

If a room booking does come through, I suggest a big talk session.
Just to be clear, don't bring along your big heavy computers tomorrow.

Clinton Roy
www.humbug.org.au  - Brisbane Unix Group
staff.dstc.edu.au/croy - Blog

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