[H-GEN] voip equipment & provider

Tony Bilbrough mtbilbro at bigpond.net.au
Fri Dec 30 03:29:03 EST 2005

G'day All,
I am going to try voip in the coming weeks, and see how it performs on a 
Telstra Cable connection.
Does any one have any preferences for the provider and hub?

At the moment suggestions are Net Comm gtv 300 [$160 from UMart], with 
Oz Tell the connector [at $4 a month].

But it was mooted by one, that the $86 model was more than sufficient 
for basic voip calls, while the Telstra twin pair copper line was still 
used/installed. Is that correct?

Phone voip links will be to France, Spain and South Africa, mainly.

The workstation o/s are Xandros 3 and Debian Sarge

Do any of you have alternative or additional suggestions? I would really 
appreciate your points of view here.

Happy New Year to all of you,

Swambo has put the hard word on 3 of my slower moving projects in '06.
Anyone want
- a couple of 44 gallon drums that used to hold orange Juice.
- a 2.4 square by 2 metre high 250 mm thick, Aluminium clad Cold Room - 
- a couple of good ex Govt 15 inch monitors
All free of course.

I will be back in bne mid January for any one who is interested

seasons greetings and all  that
No Anti Virus check here
...........running Linux 2.6.11

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