[H-GEN] Wireless adsl routers

Sarah Walters sarah at walters.id.au
Fri Dec 30 00:22:20 EST 2005

Hi Paul (and list),

On 30/12/05, Paul Clarke <paul at sitedynamics.com.au> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am about to buy a wireless adsl router. A frisnd has the Netcomm and
> it's range is pathetic, about 10m it starts to weaken and by 15m it is
> unuseable.

I've been very happy with our Belkin - bought it at Harvey Norman for a
reasonable price. But I tried a Netgear card with it and had terrible
trouble so I agree with the earlier mail that it might be the card.

Just make sure it supports G (though I'm sure you already know that).
Sarah Walters

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