[H-GEN] Starting a new service at boot time in Solaris 10

McBofh McBofh at jmcp.id.au
Fri Dec 23 08:17:10 EST 2005

Paul Cornford wrote:
....>> #  svcadm enable svc:/network/ipfilter:default
>> to enable the ipf service both immediately and on subsequent boots.
> Thanks James. Yes I eventually discovered it although I still don't get
> the FMRI bit. "svcadm enable ipfilter" seems to work just as well. I am
> still reading about it though.

Yup, it does take a bit of getting used to. I discovered, though, that
after a week or so my fingers found the old way of doing things to be
difficult to remember :)

 > Yes, just a few but nothing so pressing as the JDS prob. Killing bonobo
> and then relogging in seemed to fix it, although still annoying. I
> notice that 'File Associations' doesn't seem to work, e.g., getting
> *.sxw's to open in OpenOffice 2.0 instead of StarOffice 7. Also wants to
> open my *.odt files with unzip. 

I didn't see any problems with this when I ran
launch->preferences->desktop preferences->file associations,
then selected the relevant file type and manually made sure
that the action of "open with soffice" (my symlink for openoffice.org)
was selected.

> The CD burner in nautilus doesn't seem
> to work terribly well either, so I use the command line app.

funnily enough, there are loads of people who've said that too. I'm
not sure whether it comes down to bugs in the utility, or bugs in
the users :)

James C. McPherson

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