[H-GEN] gnome settings daemon

Paul Cornford pccor at tpg.com.au
Fri Dec 23 07:33:08 EST 2005

On Fri, 2005-12-23 at 19:49, James C. McPherson wrote:
> Paul,
> don't share this with anybody.
> cheers,
> James
Hi James,

You're a gem! Thanks! However, I am having trouble installing this patch
which is probably due to ignorance on my part. I've unzipped the archive
and then while in the patches directory entered the following "patchadd
120285-02" (Is that correct?). Below is the
/var/sadm/patch/120285-02/log file. 

This appears to be an attempt to install the same architecture and
version of a package which is already installed.  This installation
will attempt to overwrite this package. 

/home/pcor/downloads/solaris/patches/120285-02/SUNWgnome-component/install/checkinstall: /home/pcor/downloads/solaris/patches/120285-02/SUNWgnome-component/install/checkinstall: cannot open
pkgadd: ERROR: checkinstall script did not complete successfully
Dryrun complete.
No changes were made to the system.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Paul Cornford.

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