[H-GEN] procmail reciepe

Harry Phillips harry at tux.com.au
Sat May 29 22:41:18 EDT 2004

With all this talk about mungling messages I was wondering if we could 
add some?

At the top of each message that passes through the list a header to the 
body gets added that looks like:

[ Humbug *General* list - semi-serious discussions about Humbug and ]
[ Unix-related topics. Posts from non-subscribed addresses will vanish.]

I agree it should be there but can we get the previous one in a reply to 
be removed? I would imagine it would look at the lines that start with 
'>' and contain '[ Humbug' or '[ Unix' and remove them. I am sure no one 
will miss having that header/warning quoted again.

If the list manager can't do it (or the management does not want to do 
it) does anyone have a procmail rule that can?

Probably look something like:

* ^>.*[ Humbug
removal tool


Anyone know what the removal line would look like?

Harry Phillips

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