[H-GEN] PXE capable network cards

Jason Parker-Burlingham jasonp at panix.com
Fri May 28 21:02:23 EDT 2004

Scott Burns <sburns at ihug.com.au> writes:

> Jason Parker-Burlingham wrote:
>>But, geez! PXE is a pain in the ass to set up.  The whole thing seems
>>far too complex.  That's PCs for you though, I suppose.
> I got it running with two files and one directory...

Oh, the PXE daemon is relatively benign, I'll grant.

> The other packages I had to use were DHCP to get the IP address and
> boot image, tftp to allow downloading the files, then nfs to allow

It's the ancillary stuff that gets you.  I mean, this isn't rocket
science---why should a PC built in 2004 require anything like PXE at
all, instead of simply being capable of DHCP and TFTP from the get-go?

(Like lots of things I rant about, I don't know a lot about this, so
that's not entirely a rhetorical question.)

> If you want, I can email you my default PXE file next week.

Not a bad idea, but I think have the PXE daemon down.  Mail it to me


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