[H-GEN] Multi-thread downloads

Greg Black gjb at gbch.net
Fri May 28 18:00:53 EDT 2004

On 2004-05-27, Harry Phillips wrote:
> Sarah Walters wrote:
>> If you 
>> want to download stuff, get a decent ADSL plan and do it from home.
> Are you going to pay for it?

Why should anybody else pay for *you*?  That's your job.

> Do you consider it an annoyance that all these "leechers" create a 
> situation that you have to buy more bandwidth that you would have?

An annoyance?  No, it's an abuse.  This is really pretty simple,
but I'll try to put it in words of one syllable to make it even
easier to understand.

If the owner of some resource decides for any reason that they
wish to limit the use of that resource, then it's up to all the
users of that resource to respect the owner's wishes.

Even if a user can find a way to circumvent the obvious wishes
of the owner, that does not give him the right to do that.  And
the owner is certainly entitled to close off the resource to
that user in the face of any attempt at circumvention.

If I was the owner of a network and found that people were
abusing my service, then I'd take two quick steps.  If it was
easy to identify the individual, I'd lock him out.  If it would
take me more than a couple of minutes to do that, I'd punish the
entire group of users that contained the abuser and I'd expect
the group to identify and punish the abuser on my behalf and in
their own interests.  I would not enter into any discussion at
all with the abuser and they would be barred forever.

To bring this back to us, if I were the Humbug management, I'd
be on the watch for people attempting to abuse UQ's resources
and I'd kick them out instantly in order to protect what the
responsible users are receiving from the university.  Of course,
I'm not on the Humbug committee and I've only been in Humbug for
five minutes, so my attitudes are not likely to impact anybody.

If you're not happy with the facilities that are offered to you
almost for free, then just go and find something that suits you
better that doesn't involve spoiling things for others.

Cheers, Greg

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