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Greg Black gjb at gbch.net
Fri May 28 08:11:13 EDT 2004

On 2004-05-28, David Harrison wrote:

> First of all, is it just me, or does your email client mail the user you're
> replying to, and then Cc: the list? Won't that user then get it twice?

Since you didn't bother to put an attribution on this, it's
impossible to know to whom you're speaking, but I'll assume it
was me.

If the original poster arranges to put a Reply-To header or a
Mail-Followup-To header on her message, then that's where the
reply will be addressed; I do that, as do others on these
lists.  If the OP doesn't bother to do that, then it's a matter
of how I'm feeling.  If I can be bothered editing out the
sender's address, I might do that; but mostly I won't bother.

When replying to *all* mailing lists, I use the reply to all
function of my mailer except for the odd time when I really want
to reply only to the sender.  I could setup something more
elaborate, but it's too much work when you subscribe to a couple
of hundred lists.

The user will get it twice if she has done nothing to suppress
duplicate messages; that's so trivial to manage that nobody
should be bothered by duplicates and these messages are so short
that they don't cost anything to receive twice.

> I don't know if its been done before, but a simple solution to this
> (seemingly) frequently discussed topic might be to just do a user vote and
> find out how many users like it which way! Mmmm, democracy.

It's not democracy, it's a bikeshed and they are really best
avoided.  The people who run the list get to decide how it will
be run; everybody else can either accept it the way it is or
they can unsubscribe.  If they really think they have support,
they can setup their own list and discuss whatever they like

FWIW, I think the Humbug lists are run more or less the right
way; but my opinion, like that of every other simple user of the
lists, is of no importance.

Cheers, Greg

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