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Nikolai Lusan nikolai at humbug.org.au
Thu May 27 10:35:38 EDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 23:32, James Mills wrote:

> > While I agree with you on this one there are several schools of thought.
> > Last time we had this jihad here it was long and messy and those on the
> > side of right (ie. those who like the Reply-to header) lost ;)
> Why ? This practise is considered standard amongst many Mailing Lists I
> come across...

And other practices are considered standard amongst other lists. There
are hundreds of email lists that people here are memebers of and the
idea of what is "standard" varies from one person to the next.
> I would like to see this investigated again please.

Rather than go through all that pain again how about you look at list
archive. http://archive.humbug.org.au/humbug-general

> > I am interested in the mailer that you choose to use however, most
> > mailers these days can do a "reply to list" from a keyboard shortcut.
> I use mutt. Mutt has a 'r' (Reply) and a 'g' (Reply to Group), I have
> not heard of a (Reply to List) function... Perhaps you can enlighten me!

I understand from other mutt users that there is none, but that does not
represent the majority of MUA's out there. I am using evolution at the
moment and it does to a reply to list via ctrl-l, my prefered mailer
pine however does not and I have to live with that choice.


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