[H-GEN] Multi-thread downloads

Brendon Higgins bh_doc at users.sourceforge.net
Thu May 27 00:32:43 EDT 2004

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Sarah Walters wrote:
| Firstly, HUMBUG meetings are not intended to be a download-fest. If you
| want to download stuff, get a decent ADSL plan and do it from home.

I recall the fact that network access was advertised, and still is, as being 
one of the benefits of membership. "In effect, this means that you can 
download data at up to 100Mbps, making even a cable modem seem slow." This is 
clearly incorrect, now, and I was a bit disappointed when I discovered the 

| Secondly, has it occurred to you that perhaps there is a *reason* why
| HUMBUG is throttling connections? I don't know what it is, but I daresay
| it's the excessive amount of downloads that occur. I suspect that you
| would find that trying to work around the throttling is a very effective
| way of getting yourself or the entire meeting banned from the UQ network.

I can understand why they may want to throttle such bandwidth hogs, but 8kb/s 
is ridiculous. Also, I haven't been around that long, but did anyone from the 
university put out some sort of announcement detailing why the throttle was 
put in place? Putting in a limit without telling anyone why doesn't seem too 
friendly to me, and from my limited knowledge of the situation that's what 
they did. I wait to be corrected.

| Thirdly, download "accelerators" are rude. A web/ftp server has a set
| amount of bandwidth, which it tries to share equally among its clients.
| If you set four threads going, you're using four times your "share",
| slowing things down for everyone else. If everyone sets four threads
| going, it makes no difference than if no one does. So stop being a
| leecher, and wait your turn.

At 64kbps hardly anyone is going to care. Anyone with broadband is doing 
better than that.


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