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Sandra Mansell fakungabubu at internode.on.net
Wed May 26 16:38:07 EDT 2004

On Wed, May 26, 2004 at 08:54:48PM +1000, Robert Stanford wrote:
> Regardless, mozilla does work very well with the national website. Its 
> comforting to know there are no spyware toolbars installed in the 
> browser you type you banking password into.

Oh yes, I've been using mozilla and firefox for about 2 years now with
their site. Hubby uses mozilla with the commonwealth bank site but
occassionally gets issues. I've never had a problem with the national
website and mozilla/firefox, and I much prefer the way they do things to
what hubby puts up with from commbank. (I can view my transactions NOW
rather than 3 days after I make them!)

National are a bunch of ****ers but they do know how to make a decent
website with functions people want.

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