[H-GEN] Mandrake 10 and nVidia drivers

Harry Phillips harry at tux.com.au
Sun May 23 18:35:28 EDT 2004

I installed my Mandrake 10 at the meeting on Saturday, it all went well 
and I have been reminded why I like Mandrake so much.

I also helped a friend install Mandrake on his PC, it did not go so 
well. We both have exactly the same make/model of nVidia card. His 
machine refused to use the drivers from nVidia. We got various errors 
and symptoms through the night and were not able to fix it.

We resigned ourselves to using the OSS 'nv' drivers until a solution 
could be found.

Then on Sunday my Mandrake 10 started to do exactly the same thing. 
After a long search on Google I came across the answer.

If anyone is installing Mandrake 10, you have a nVidia graphics card and 
are going to install the drivers from their web site then make sure you 
add to your /etc/modprobe.preload the line:


As I found out, it may work for a while but eventually it will stuff up 
and won't work again until you add in that line.

Harry Phillips

All expressed opinions are mine I tell you, all mine,
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