[H-GEN] Reliable mouse?

Robert Stanford rob at rotapile.com
Thu Aug 26 06:55:51 EDT 2004

Greg Black wrote:
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> There were lots of replies.  The overwhelming preference was for
> Microsoft, followed by Logitech.  Since I want at least one
> little mouse, I've ordered the little MS optical notebook item
> and hope to receive it tomorrow.  Thanks to everybody who gave
> me their thoughts.

Those mice are the best product to come out of Redmond yet. Them and the 

When it comes to the higher end stuff though, I still feel Logitech is 
lightyears ahead in design, comfort and durability [1], there's a 
timeless quality about their gear that MS has never been able to emulate.

Robert Stanford

[1] I still have (and sometimes use) my second mouse, a logitech 
mouseman plus, it cost $150 in 1992, has a 2.5m lead, is on its third 
ball, came with a serial/ps2 adapter, has done 100,000km, survived 
atleast 7 upgrades and has the texture of an old prosthetic limb.  The 
microswitches are still like new. I expect my grandchildren to be 
disgusted by it.

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