[H-GEN] ADSL Transposition

Willie Yeo Willie.Yeow at aapt.com.au
Wed Aug 18 03:05:51 EDT 2004

Basically, the term "transposition" is just a name given. It is for Telstra to find if there is an alternate path that they use to provide an ADSL service. Usually, it is for people whose phones are on the pair-gain system (compression technique to put more than one phone service across the same copper cable).
The truth is that, Telstra will check if there is a spare copper cable capacity nearby, and then jumper it to seperate the services the pair-gain is used for. Usually, it can take 2 weeks for an investigation (i.e. take a number), and then if there is, it takes another 2 weeks to do it (i.e. take another number again).
It can take up to 2 months at times :p
If you are sitting on the boundary served by different exchanges, chances are you might be able to get copper from a different exchange :) I have someone I know who are served by 2 different exchanges, and then had both failed (Line conditioning equipment (signal booster) and transmission loss too high !).

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