[H-GEN] ADSL Transposition

Tim Browne dugb at netspace.net.au
Wed Aug 18 00:46:28 EDT 2004

Anthony Irwin wrote:

> I was wondering what transposition is and what their best option for 
> getting the lines changed successfully to receive adsl.

My understanding is that transposition is a Telstra fancy name for finding 
another connection route.

If you friend is on a pair gain line they may well be connected to a RIM. Some 
RIMs are ADSL enabled, but not all. ADSL work best on a dedicated copper line 
all the way from the exchange to your house, I imagine Telstra are trying to 
find a spare copper pair for your friend to use.

All my experiences with pair gain lines have been bad, even with dial-up modems.

Is there cable in the area? This may be the best alternative.

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