[H-GEN] CRUX (A programmers linux distro)

David Jericho davidj at tucanatech.com
Fri Aug 13 02:17:19 EDT 2004

Greg Black wrote:

>I could not find anything at umart that had the one essential
>feature not in the list you showed -- the ability to fall back
>to a POTS dial-up when the ADSL falls over (mandatory at least
>until the ADSL network becomes more robust).  

I dare suggest most users do not care about that functionality. Having 
said that. the CyberGuard SG[1] line of routers is capable of doing what 
you request, and are actually Linux based machines running from flash. 
You can access the configuration files directly via Web, SSH, Telnet, or 
serial depending on configuration.

>So the question is:  are there actually low-end ADSL routers
>that can do this?

 From immediate memory, the SG300 can do this. Oz Technologies has the 
unit listed for $400. http://www.cyberguard.com/snapgear/SG300.html for 
more information.

I did a single query search using Google, and I found D-Link[2] and 

[1] CyberGuard SG line are the products formerly sold by SnapGear.
[2] DI-804HV ($169.00 at Umart)
[3] FR328S ($265.00 at Umart)

David Jericho
Senior Systems Administrator, Tucana Technologies

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