Bad experiences with distros (was Re: [H-GEN] CRUX (A programmers linux distro))

Sandra Mansell fakungabubu at
Thu Aug 5 02:05:55 EDT 2004

On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 02:57:29PM +1000, Rob Kearey wrote:
> Please consider giving Fedoira a go - I personally believe (and I'm
> saying this without my Red Hat on) that it's quite probably going to
> be the most interesting, dynamic and yet useful of all the linux
> distrobutions out there. And yes, I would happily run it on a
> production server :)

My husband tried it out core 1 just after it came out. The install was
buggy, the updater was nigh useless and he was left in dependency hell.
I've tried to convince him to try a later version but I think his bad
experiences with core 1 have soured his opinion of what many have said
is a great OS. He's not a linux n00b, but he's not great on the
configuration side and so it should have been a great distribution for
him to install and use.

I wonder how many other people have been turned off a particular
distribution by a bad experience like this. He too wants to build a
secondary machine purely for linux to try out various distributions.

I should note here that he's never been successful in getting X working
under Debian. I usually step in and tweak his conf files and check the
installed packages for him. He's more of a "give me a working system I
can install what I want on" than a "gee I really love tweaking my system
to get things to work on my odd hardware" sort of guy. (His hardware
isn't odd or even old, well except for his 6 year old generic monitor.)

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