[H-GEN] on text editors

Greg Black gjb at gbch.net
Sun Aug 1 02:14:31 EDT 2004

On 2004-07-31, Tony Bilbrough wrote:

> been following this thread, and thought that it might be a great idea if 
> we had some talks on  favourite/much loved etc, text editors, once more.
> I know that Greg Black did one just a few years back.
> It fueled a serious religious war, causing several resignations and a 
> lone self immolation, on 'the only' tool to use. Good Fun, eh?

I remember the talk; I'm not sure that it was about the only
tool to use (it certainly wasn't from my point of view); and I
can't say I recall any attendant drama, but that may just be the
effect of senility.

> That particular Most Excellent discourse was on ed or Ed, eD or ED.
> Sadly, I missed some of part of that lecture, a consequently could never 
> get it to work.

I do recall that several people complained afterwards that they
lost the thread during the talk -- but it turned out that this
was largely because they failed to interrupt with questions when
they should have.  I'm mentioning this now to encourage people
not to make the same mistake in the future.  Often the people
who give talks at Humbug will know their topic so well that they
have forgotten what was hard about it.  If you don't pipe up
with questions, they have no way of guessing that you need to
have something explained in more detail.  Never hesitate to ask;
the worst that can happen is that the speaker won't give you the
answer you wanted; most likely s/he will be pleased to see that
somebody is actually interested in the presentation.

> I would really, really like to see it/hear it, again,

I'm quite happy to talk on ed (or any other topic that I know
well); but perhaps the majority of meeting attendees would like
something new?

Cheers, Greg

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