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Johann Kwiatkowski johann at spot-the-dog.com
Fri May 31 07:54:19 EDT 2002

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Hi Everybody,
	I finally found the time to try VNC last night, and I can honestly say I 
wished I'd tried it earlier. Set up was fairly straight forward, 
although I did have some problems with the connection being refuse by 
the server, which turned out to be something silly I did. Searching the 
news groups seems to indicate this is one of the most common problems 

Other issues I've seen so far is temporary loss of the use of some 
keyboard keys (this was quite recoverable) and annoying placement of 
some programs. Still only minor really. However what impressed me the 
most was the ability to disconnect, and reconnect from where I'd left 
of, even from another machine. I also noticed not only windows and mac 
clients, but servers as well, I'll have a go at these over the next few 
days, as this would be quite useful to me.

The speed of the connection seemed quite usable, although I've only 
tried VNC over my local network so far and not over the big bad and slow 



Greg Black wrote:

> Johann,
> | Thanks to all those who replied, I'm going to try the vnc, I think it 
> | can help me the most. [...]
> I think it would be interesting for other people if you reported
> back to the list on your experiences with VNC -- other people
> might be interested in trying it if they see a positive report.
> Greg

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