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Wed May 22 08:59:34 EDT 2002

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I just setup a Mandrake 8.2 server that is running samba and is the domain controller.

I have a shared directory /home/shared.
It is owned by root.users and has permissions of rwxrwx--- (770).
It is shared as \\server_name\shared in samba.
All users are in the users group.
The users map their F drive to that share in the logon script.
The F drive is the clients main data store and is needed constantly.

My problem is that something in LM 8.2 changes the permissions to that
directory to rwxr-x--- (750). This problem didn't happen in LM 8.1.

Does anyone know what could be changing the permissions? My suspicion
is one of the cron jobs (they are all default). I can't pin down exactly
when it happens.

So that the client's aren't hampered in any way I put in a kludge of a cron job
every 5 minutes, it runs a chmod of 770 on that directory. Obviously this is not
very elegant buts it works while I try and find out what is causing the problem,
and hence my question to you.


PS. Are my lines short enough? I don't have a mailer that automatically wraps
at 72 characters and have to make a guesstimate.

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