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Brenton Bills billsb at optushome.com.au
Tue May 21 19:44:22 EDT 2002

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Hi Guys,

A friend of mine at GBST has some AlphaServers for sale, the
setup and price he's asking for them is as follows. Robert is
not on the list so please dont repost back to the list, 
his mail is at the end.

On Wed, May 22, 2002 at 09:07:01AM +1000, Robert Cooper wrote:

> Brenton,
> As I mentioned the other night, we have some surplus AlphaServers to sell.
> There are 5 systems available at the moment (no graphics cards).  The
> details are:
> DS10 6/466 Tru64
> 128MB RAM
> 1 x KZPBA-CA (UltraSCSI Controller)
> 1 x DS-RZ1DD-WA 9.1GB 10000rpm HDD
> 1 x DE500-BA
> The data sheet on DS10s is at:
> http://www.compaq.com/products/quickspecs/10398_na/10398_na.html
> These servers do run Linux very happily and there is also FreeBSD and
> OpenBSD which are supported on Alpha.
> A fair price for these is about $2,000 (ex GST), but we are negotiable if
> someone wants to make an offer.  All of them have rack kits and we could
> supply a rack as well for $1,500 (ex GST).
> If you know anyone who interested in this stuff, let me know.  
> There are also some GS60es with 6 x 6/525 CPUs and 4GB of RAM available
> too.......
> http://www.compaq.com/products/quickspecs/10352_div/10352_div.HTML :)  They
> need 32A 3 phase so you just can't check 'em in the garage.  Can be used as
> room heaters!

mailto:robert.cooper at gbst.com

	Brenton Bills.

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