[H-GEN] DNS lookups

Thu May 16 21:21:44 EDT 2002


> Im currently contracting for telstra and some of my fellow geeks and I 
> have been setting up our own Linux Redhat 7.3 box. The box is connected 
> to a massive network consisting mainly of WINNT boxes and servers.
> The problem we seem to be having is that all the boxes on the network 
> can ping the Linux machine via it's hostname, however, the linux box 
> cannot ping anyone by their hostname but can ping using IP's.

Assuming your /etc/resolv.conf is correct and you have network
connectivity to the nameservers listed, its possible that they
simply don't have the data.

To test this hypothesis, use "dig" or "host", for example, to ask
the nameserver at about "www.example.com":

    dig @ www.example.com
    host www.example.com

It is possible that the Windows host don't actually have DNS
entries.  If this is the case, seek the counsel of the local
Systems Administrators..

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