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Mark Suter suter at zwitterion.humbug.org.au
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On 2002-05-16, Sarah Walters wrote:

> We are in the process of moving our mailing lists from majordomo to mailman,
> and have come across a slight hiccup. From what I've been told, mailman does
> not have support for hierarchical lists. Majordomo can :include other lists,
> but mailman apparently does not have this capability.
> Does anyone on this list use mailman and have hierarchical lists?
> EG all_staff consists of all_general_staff and all_academic_staff.
> If anyone does use mailman, how did you deal with this issue?

Although I haven't had the chance to use it, Mailman does support
"umbrella" lists that have lists subscribed to them.


Given how easy it is to write hte python code to extend Mailman,
this is probably an easy this to extend in whatever weird way you
may want it to be extended.

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