IP tunnels and netbios (was: Re: [H-GEN] TPG ADSL)

Paul Gearon pag at PISoftware.com
Tue May 14 09:47:13 EDT 2002

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On Tue, 14 May 2002, Tony Nugent wrote:

> After 12 months of experience with a telstra adsl (512/128) connection,
> hosting any sort of services on an adsl connection is a REAL pain.

Yeah, I should have paid better attention to the fact that it was ADSL
under discussion...

> With cable (which Paul appears to be referring to), you are issued
> with an IP address on a dhcpd lease - so it is possible to keep the
> same IP address for long periods if you don't "drop offline" for
> longer than the lease expiry time.

Yup.  I keep addresses for months.

<snip about ADSL DHCP leases>

> (I believe that it is possible to use dynamic dns servers, where the
> SOA for your domain name is hosted and configured dynamically with a
> short live-timeout value.  You simply set up scripts that automate
> updates to it each time you reconnect.  But once again, messy, and
> probably not a cheap hosting service to use).

Actually, it's really neat and simple... and it's totally free.  :-)
You can select your expiry from as low as 1 minute, through to 1 day.  The
low 1 minute timeouts are specifically for people who are on modems and
regularly change IP addresses.  Does this sound familiar?

Check out http://www.bpa.nu/
The programs for updating your dynamic address are available, and you can
even set up MX records.

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