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Matthew Taylor bmatthewtaylor at yahoo.co.uk
Tue May 14 07:37:29 EDT 2002

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Just a few quick questions, hoping someone else here has experience with 
Tomcat & Apache.

- should I go for Tomcat 3.3 or 4.1? documentation for 3.3 seems to be 
more complete and various examples around.... Tomcat4.1 utilizes ant and 
various xml files during the build process, the older 3.3 series seems a 
simpler build.

I'd become very comfortable installing Apache/Jserv from tar.gz's, 
Tomcat install from tar.gz is more involved. Rpm's for the Tomcat 4.x 
series are only available at 4.0.3 cf 3.3.1 in the 3.x series. I've 
previously looked at rpm's for Apache&Tomcat but I tend not to trust 
'unofficial' rpms, have had problems previously.

I'm currently getting hung up on installing mod_jk (it supercedes 
mod_jserv) and working my way through the docs available from 
jakarta.apache.org. As I understand it I need mod_jk to connect TomCat 
with Apache.

so my questions are
- is a Tomcat install normally such a hassle?
- comments on Apache/Tomcat cf JBoss cf J2EE platform of your choice?

I'm sure I must have missed the easy way to install, my rpm install of 
Tomcat 'runs' , nmap shows it on port 8080, but none of the /test.jsp 
examples seem to work. (time to dig thru and sort that out now grr) 
connecting to my Apache install (built with mod_so from src) should be 
straightforward but hasn't clicked for me just yet.


[1] apologies to the non java people on this list.
[2] I'd come to really like the templating style used in webmacro, just 
noticed the 'struts' framework, anybody here using that?

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