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Tue May 14 05:59:39 EDT 2002

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> I've never had much luck with cygwin. Tried it a few times, but couldn't
> really get things working and I found it took up a lot more space than I
> was willing to allocate just to try and get an X server going in windoze.

I use cygwin and xfree on win2k and it works very well, never had any
problem, just get the cygwin setup program and run it and select the
packages to install... even an idiot like me can do it!

> I'd be running xwin32 and using linux-based gui clients like evolution if
> we could get our x-server running. Once I have more than 5 minutes to sit
> down and think (perhaps tonight while the SO is at TAFE) I'll be doing
> searches on the web to try and nut out exactly what causes the "No Screens
> Found" error. This is particularly important as we have the error on two
> machines now, running different versions of debian (one is unstable, the
> other is testing) and they both are trying to use the same video driver

One moment you are talking about XWin32, the next about needing an X server
on your linux system to make it work.... either you aren't explaining
yourself well or you misunderstand what is required.  If you want to get X
working for remote stuff, simply disable the local servers in your
xdm|gdm|kdm configuration and enable XDMCP.  For example, part of my
gdm.conf is like this....
#0=/usr/bin/X11/X vt7 -deferglyphs 16 -nolisten tcp
#1=/usr/bin/X11/X vt8 -deferglyphs 16 -nolisten tcp -dpi 100

That is, enable xdmcp and all the local servers commented out.  Fire up gdm
and set XWin32 (or XFree/cygwin or eXcursion) up for xdmcp and you should be
in business.  At least you can get X stuff going while you figure out you
linux X server problems.

Of course, you can still run X based apps to the XWin32 server without
setting up xdmcp at all, log into a shell and set the DISPLAY environment to
point to your windows machine and run any applications you want.

Anyway, that's enough of my ramblings for now, you probably knew all this
anyway right?


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