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Joel Michael jmichael at bigpond.net.au
Sun May 12 07:07:21 EDT 2002

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On Sat, 2002-05-11 at 12:54, Sandra Milne wrote:
> It's kind of a moot point now anyway. I found that the program didn't reply 
> to a reply-to address, and was therefore rather annoying to use. I'm back 
> using eudora, having decided that spyware isn't as much of a hassle as 
> trying to find a free mail client that doesn't send html email by default.
Evolution will do this, if you tell it to (tools menu, mail settings,
composer tab, check off "Send mail in HTML format by default"). 
Evolution also seems to reply to HTML email in text with this setting,
as long as there's a text version available in the original email (if
there's not, it will reply in HTML).

However, you mentioned that you went back to Eudora, so I'm guessing
that you're using Windows, and (AFAIK) Evolution is not available on
Windows.  Pity, because (IMHO) it's the best pointy-clicky MUA available
(although I will admit that Eudora is very good as well).


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