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Jimmy Freese jim at math.hawaii.edu
Sat May 11 00:10:12 EDT 2002

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I haven't used much else since I learned emacs but I guess it depends on 
what you want to figure it's benefits vs disk space costs. 

I wouldn't say that it's all that hard to learn. I think this Xemacs makes
things pretty easy if you like using the mouse and might be a good idea
when you are learning. But I think emacs' good qualities come from it's
keyboard short cuts. I found that I could get around the buffer fairly
fast once I got those commands dialed.
It does give you the flexibility to do many other things like run a little 
shell in there and compile your programs as well as lots of other things.

It's tough to say how good it will be for you. I think it's worth a try 
and the nice thing is that there are choices out there.

On Sat, 11 May 2002, Sandra Milne wrote:

> >Emacs (and thus Gnus) is available for a vast number of platforms.
> I know I probably shouldn't listen to what people say about emacs, but I 
> hear it's not very easy to use. "Bloatware" is another term I hear often 
> when people are talking about emacs. No I'm not starting a flamewar, but 
> I'd be interested in hearing from somebody who uses emacs just how 
> easy/difficult it is to learn, and whether it's worth the disk space.
> Sandra.

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