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Jason Henry Parker jasonp at uq.net.au
Fri May 10 18:37:11 EDT 2002

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Greg Black <gjb at humbug.org.au> writes:

> Jason Henry Parker wrote:
> | Greg Black <gjb at humbug.org.au> writes:
> | [Sandra Milne's new mail client]
> | > It generates bogus message-id headers.
> | What's wrong with the message-ID?
> The following excerpt from RFC2822 might help to explain it:

[snip paragraph for brevity]

> The RHS of <MWMail.agibplmt at host.none> does not appear to me to
> be in the spirit of the above paragraph.

I thought it would be the RHS that got you.  I suppose also the
generated portion on the LHS is only 38 bits or so, which *is* a bit

> | > It does not include a content-type header.
> | That's a feature, not a bug!
> So why does your MUA include it?

Hmm, well, MWMail *could* be MIME-incapable in which case (I hazard)
it would not need to include the header?  But, tch, you're right.

> BTW, I'm not sure that we should start a major discussion in
> this list about the correct interpretation of all those RFCs.

Traffic has been low, but the topic doesn't lend itself to fruitful
discussion, no.
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