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Sun May 5 10:57:22 EDT 2002

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Has anyone seen/used this -> http://www.phprojekt.com

I have downloaded it and the installation instructions are crap.[1]

They basically say the requirements are:
PHP4 with a connection to a database

How am I supposed to know that? I have PHP4 installed[2] and I
have mySQL installed, how can I tell if there is a connection between them?

The other part of the instructions are just as bad:
Create a new blank database, unpack the files -be sure to leave the
directory structure of the package- in a directory of the webserver
(e.g. htdocs/phprojekt) and call setup.php in the browser.
(The config.inc.php file and the tables in the database will be created.)

How do I create a 'new blank database'? What permissions am I supposed
to give the files once I unpacked them? When I call up setup.php my browser
loads the thing as plain text!!! What is causing that? Do I have to enable PHP
for apache, if so how?

[1] As are most man pages and instructions for anything to do with *nix.
They are all written by experienced users for experienced users. Everyone
else they expect to go to Uni learn how to program and write code, then RTFM.

[2] I think I do, how would I check? 'rpm -qa | grep php' gives a result of 
mod_php-4.0.6-5mdk, amongst others.

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