[H-GEN] problems with accessing mail at bigpond

Bruce Campbell bc at humbug.org.au
Sun May 5 07:00:01 EDT 2002

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On Sat, 4 May 2002, Greg Black wrote:

> "baz" wrote:
> | > This isn't much of a problem report.  What happened?  What did
> | > you expect?  What name server were you using?  What question
> | > (exactly) did you ask?  What was the exact answer?
> |
> | sorry for not being very informative. I've got it working now. I believe the
> | problem was having humbug.org
> | name servers listed before bigpond's ones in resolv.conf.
> I presume that you mean humbug.org.au rather than humbug.org (an
> entirely different organisation).  In fact, humbug.org.au has
> four name servers:
>     cuscus.cc.uq.edu.au
>     krefti.cc.uq.edu.au
>     caliburn.humbug.org.au
>     ritchie.pisoftware.com

And none of the above should be used as your nameservers in your
resolv.conf, unless you are a client of UQ (cuscus/krefti), caliburn
itself, or an employee of Plugged In (ritchie).

Otherwise, the nameservers mentioned in your /etc/resolv.conf are
dependent on your ISP, and for bigpond these are (as per



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