[H-GEN] Hosting possibilities

Michael Anthon michael at anthon.net
Fri Jan 25 17:35:14 EST 2002

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I am currently using Telstra Big Puddle Direct for my home net access and
for hosting of my domain and mail.  While this has been nice and stable it's
also a bit limiting, particularly in the volume of data I can download for a
reasonable fee [1].

I have been looking for alternative solutions to the hosting so that I can
move to another ISP for my dialin, one that has more reasonable rates.
Unfortunately the costs of straight web hosting seem to be a little on the
high side unless you don't want any more than about 50M of space and my
photo collection is already well over that (and no, it's not porn).

I guess this leads me to my first question.  Does anybody know of a good
hosting package?  I need php4 and mysql and maybe 250M or so of disk space.

The other thing I've been considering for a while is getting a group of
people with similar requirements to me and building a server that can be
co-hosted somewhere.  The only price I've gotten so far is a very rough
$150/month, depending on data usage.  With about 10 people that would make
it quite a reasonable setup.

Anyone got any thoughts or comments to throw at me?


[1]  All you broadband users can stop whining about caps right now!  To
download 3G would cost me $570 and it comes from the same *&$#% network

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